Current Version : Beta3

What is Pk3Man

Pk3Man is a simple Plugin for Q3Radiant 199+ to enable the manipulation and browsing of PK3 files from within Q3Radiant. Its my no means a replacement for apps such as WinZip but it is tailored more to the creation of PK3's for the distribution of Quake3 maps and Mods.

Where can I get it ?

You grab the new beta3 release directly from here. You can always get the latest CVS tree of the sourcecode from the Pk3Man project page on SourceForge.


Pk3Man was written by myself Mike 'mickey' Jackman but the plugin code was mostly written and developed by TTimo. Thanks also go to SmallPileofGibs for his suggestions and comments. Thanks also go to Sourceforge for hosting this. Also much kudos to Yogi for yet another killer Logo. Special mention also goes to Gilles Vollant for his Zip/Unzip code that was used in Pk3Man.


You can email any Bugs/Suggestions to me here.